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    No Games April 7th

    To All Coaches, Parents, & Players

     With April comes showers and we are in store for one. Starting Friday and all day Saturday we are expecting alot of steady rain. 

     As a club, we would normally allow games to be played in rain, but the consistent rain then playing game could damage the fields. 

    We have looked ahead to 4/29 as a reschedule date for games (if possible). This will be a Sunday and the games will be in the afternoon. 

    Hope everyone is having a great spring break!

    Thank you,
     Macon County Soccer Club

    Saturday April 14th, 2018
    8:00 Stevens U5 9:00
      Patrick U5 9:00
      Silver U5 9:00
    8:30 Sapp U5 9:00
      Raby U5 9:00
      Matthews U5 9:00
    9:00 Henning U13 10:00
      McKim U13 10:00
      Lona U6 10:00
    9:30 Callahan U10 10:00
      Parlier U10 10:00
      O'Donoghue U6 10:00
    10:30 Kettler U13 11:30
      Smarlosky U10 11:30
      DeMars U10 11:30
    11:00 B Hernandez U8 11:30
      F. Walker U13 11:30
    Saturday April 21st, 2018
    9:00 Stork U6 10:00
      Laird U6 10:00
    9:30 Wahtera U6 10:00
      McRae U6 10:00
    10:30 D. Walker U13 11:30
    11:00 Stork U13 11:30
      Gibbs U10 11:30
    11:30 Henderson U8 12:00
      Parlier U8 12:00
    12:00 Zemmin U10 1:00
      Vanhook U8 1:00
    12:30 Cruz U13 1:00
    1:00 R Hernandez U8 2:00
      Carson U8 2:00
      Rubio U13 2:00


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    Macon County Soccer Club

    Our goal as a Western North Carolina Soccer Club is to provide a sport  that runs twice a year that is built on exercise, working together, and having fun.  We are set in beautiful mountains of  Franklin, North Carolina and offer Recreation Soccer from age 4-14 and Travel Soccer which includes 5 other surrounding counties. 

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