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MCSC - 2020 Spring Season

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MCSC 2020 Spring Season - Age Divisions

Birth Year - The league puts players in age divisions by birth year. The youngest players have to be born by 12-31-2015 and the oldest allowed are players born by 1-1-2006.

Age Divisions - The league has made the following changes on the age divisions this season:

1) Each division will now be labeled with the age followed by the U. So 5-U or 5 and under.

2) The 6-U division will be split and a 7-U has been added. So this will help our younger soccer players within the 5-U, 6-U, and 7-U divisions because they will only play with other players born in the same year.

3) The 3 older age divisions have been relabeled as 9-U, 11-U, and 14-U instead of U8, U10, and U14. These are the same birth years as last fall but more accurately describes the ages in those divisions.

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