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Tournament Weekend Schedule

Here is the tournament game schedule for our 8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U divisions. Click on the photo to see the whole game schedule. The games are based on the final standings of our regular season. See everyone next weekend!

8U: 10 Team Single Elimination

Saturday June 5
Game 1 - Odum vs Stringer - 9:00 AM
Game 2 - Wright vs Stockdale - 10:15 AM
Game 3 - Kruger vs winner of Game 1 - 11:30 AM
Game 4 - Klapdohr vs Tallent - 12:45 PM
Game 5 - Watson vs winner of Game 2  - 2:00 PM
Game 6 - Moore vs Bowers - 3:15 PM
Sunday June 6th
Game 7 (winner of games 3 and 4) 1:00 PM
Game 8 (winner of games 5 and 6) 2:15 PM
Game 9 (winner of games 7 and 8) 3:30 PM - Championship
10U: 8 Team Single Elimination
Saturday June 5
Game 1 - Batista vs Dowling - 9:00 AM
Game 2 - Vasquez vs Dearth - 10:30 AM 
Game 3 - Hernandez vs Rubio - 12:00 PM
Game 4 - Sunderhaus vs Stringer - 1:30 PM
Game 5 (winner of games 1 and 3) 3:00 PM
Game 6 (winner of games 2 and 4) 4:30 PM

Sunday June 6th
Game 7 (winner of games 5 and 6) 2:00 PM  - Championship
12U: 6 Team Single Elimination
Saturday June 5
Game 1 - Walker vs Parlier - 9:00 AM
Game 2 - Gooch vs Putman - 10:30 AM 
Game 3 - Carson vs winner of game 1 - 12:00 PM
Game 4 - Stimpfling vs winner of game 2 - 1:30 PM

Sunday June 6th
Game 5 (winner of games 3 and 4) 1:30 PM  - Championship
15U: 4 Team Single Elimination
Saturday June 5
Game 1 - Walker vs Caldwell - 2:30 PM
Game 2 - Stringer vs Van Horn - 4:00 PM
Sunday June 6th
Game 5 (winner of games 1 and 2) 3:30 PM  - Championship

Challenger International Soccer Camp

The Challenger International Soccer camp returns this summer!

Sign up (ages 3 to 16): Click here to sign up

Challenger International Soccer Camps (staffed by coaches from Europe, Brazil and the U.S.) teach a fun, technical, and tactical based curriculum, revolving around five of the world’s leading soccer nations: Brazil, France, Spain, UK and the US. In the build up to camp, our players will also be given exclusive access to virtual content to get them ready for the summer!

Sign up early to get a FREE replica jersey as part of your camper package!

2021 Spring Individual and Team Photos

Hello coaches and parents! The individual and team photos will take place on Saturday May 1st and 8th this season. Please take just a few minutes to review the schedules for each day to see when you need to be there (See links below).

The pricing for photo packages and add-ons has also been included on this post so you can make decisions in advance. Coaches will be providing hard copies of this form so you can fill out as much information as possible before arriving (See link below).

Game Schedule

The game schedule for each division is now online and can be found using the quick links below:







NOTE: Currently there are no games showing for the weekend of 6/5 + 6/6 within our 8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U age divisions. That weekend will be our tournament weekend and games will be published closer to that date. The game schedule will be based on regular season standings.


Here is link to field practice schedules and field layout for each division. The final field placements might shift some depending on field conditions.

Player Rosters

The league has now sent player rosters to every coach with a team this season. Most of the coaches have already reached out and a few are in the process of doing that now. However, we also know that at times there can be typos on email address or phone numbers. So if you have not been contacted by the end of this upcoming weekend let us know by sending us an email.

Welcome to the 2021 Spring Soccer Season

Welcome to the 2021 Spring Soccer Season! This season we hit a new record with just over 410 players registering to play soccer. Now that registration has officially closed the MCSC Board is actively working behind the scenes to get this season started. Here is a quick breakdown on some key topics over the next few weeks.

Draft Day (Tryouts) - The MCSC Board has decided to forgo our normal draft day due to remaining Covid-19 concerns and the large number of players within each division. The board will instead meet this Saturday to assign players to teams based on a number of factors like age, previous seasons, etc. A board member who might be coaching a team within a particular age division will not be involved with the assigning of those players. Coaches and currently known assistant coaches will automatically have their child placed on their team. The board will review the special requests that were entered on the registration form but cannot guarantee anything except in cases of immediate family.

Teams - Team rosters will be sent to coaches in each division starting on Monday March 15th. Coaches will then begin the process of calling, texting, and emailing the parents of players on their team. Please let us know if you do not hear from a coach by the following Monday March 22nd.

Practice - Practice for many teams might begin on the week of March 22nd. The actual day(s) and time(s) of practice will be decided by the coach. The league will publish a practice schedule on our main website.

Uniforms - The league is currently in the process of ordering uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks) for each player on the league. They are expected to arrive the week before games start.

Games - The first games of the season will take place on Saturday April 10th. A game schedule will be posted on our website and Facebook page by the end of March. Please be aware that game times will be spread-out a little more this season due to Covid-19 and the overall number of teams.


Registration is now closed

Macon County Soccer Club

MCSC - 2020 Spring Season


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