Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Schedules are now online!

The schedules are now online on our schedule pages.

U5, U6: All U5 games are at 10am, followed by U6 games at 11am. The U5 and U6 fields will be placed over by the shed (though practices will continue in the area in front of the parking lot)

The U8 schedule has double-header games for most teams. We have an odd number of teams, so rather than have a bye week for teams, we added the 2nd game for one team each week. Note that the double header game does not count in the standings for the team playing the 2nd game. The U8 tournament takes place over two weeks, and includes games on the first Sunday afternoon.

With 4 teams each, The U10 and U13 schedules and tournament are straightforward.

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