Friday, April 17, 2015

Macon County Soccer Opening day notices - schedule changes - please read!!!

Greetings, MCSC Parents and Coaches.

Here's the headlines:
  • Rainy day notices - staying informed
  • Field changes for U8
  • Equipment check
  • Parking safety
Rainy day notices - staying informed

I hope you are ready for opening day tomorrow! The weather will be rainy, so grab your raincoats and umbrellas and an extra pair of dry socks, because we play when it rains.

There may be future occasions when a game day is cancelled or delayed due to weather, but we don't
expect that tomorrow. However, in the event of changes, we will publish notices by 8am to the website, send out email, and send texts to all registered parents and coaches. If there are no notices, then games are set to proceed.

If there is thunder tomorrow, we will clear the field for 30 minutes, or until we have a period of 30 minutes without thunder. Go to your car and wait; the referees and league officials will call everyone back to the field when it is clear.

Field changes for U8

The schedule for U8 called for three games on field 4 and 1 game on field 8. We are flipping that field usage. Field 4 does not drain as well and is a bit muddy near the goals - so we want to minimize usage on that field tomorrow. The new schedule is like so:

Apr 18 10:008
Apr 18 11:008
Apr 18 12:008
Apr 18 12:154
DragonsAvengers DH

Equipment Check

Before you leave the house tomorrow, make sure you have shinguards, uniform, cleats, plenty of water, snacks (if it's your day), and sunscreen - in case the sun decides to make an appearance tomorrow. 

Parking Safety

The parking area becomes VERY busy on game days. Please slow down and watch carefully for little ones. Remember that the road is ONE WAY - do not exit the same way you come in. At peak times it may be necessary to park around the corner and up the hill next to the Armory. DO NOT PARK along Industrial Park Road or you will get a ticket from the state highway patrol.

Have fun tomorrow!