Sunday, February 1, 2015

Volunteer coaches needed!

Our club depends on volunteer coaches to share their time with kids - and we want to encourage more parents and volunteers to become youth coaches. Being a coach doesn't require a lot of extra time - just a bit of energy and the willingness to help kids grow their passion for soccer.

If you've never coached before, we can help with training. The club is hosting Youth I and Youth II training on March 7th at the Community Building, and will pay for the course. If you're ready to accept the challenge, you can start off in two ways:

* Check the box 'Coach' or 'Assistant' in the application when you register your player. We will contact you.
 -- or --
* Use the contact form to send a message that you would like to coach and attend training. We will send details about registering for the course. It's important to indicate your interest and sign up this week - practices will begin soon (see the calendar on the post after this one)