Thursday, September 25, 2014

September is NC Youth Soccer Positive Cheer Month!

Six Guidelines for Soccer Parents:

1. Cheer
2. Relax and Let Them Play
3. Yelling Directions = Distraction
4. Remember, They Are Your Kids
5. Have Reasonable Expectations
6. Meet with the Coaches.

Sideline Behavior:
  • Children want cheerleaders to applaud their success, not adults yelling instructions. Think of the soccer field as a playground and not as a sports venue.
  • What’s appropriate at a sport stadium with adult athletes is NOT appropriate for young children at play.
  • Focus on the process of playing and not the outcome.
Good Questions on the Way Home:
  • Did you have fun today?
  • What did you think you did well today?
  • Did you learn any new moves?
  • Did you make new friends today?

FIFA (The worlds governing body for soccer) Parents' code

  • Remember that children play football for their own enjoyment, not for that of their parents.
  • Encourage rather than force or oblige.
  • Encourage children to always respect the rules of the game.
  • Never reprimand a child for a technical error or for losing a match.
  • Remember that children learn from example.
  • Encourage both teams.
  • Congratulate both teams irrespective of the result of the match.
  • Help to eradicate all physical and verbal abuse from football.
  • Respect the decisions of the coaches and referees and teach the children to do the same thing.
  • Support, encourage and help volunteers, coaches, organisers and officials in their work. Without them, the children would not have the opportunity to play football.
  • Ensure fair play in all circumstances.