Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today's games and photos moved to tomorrow!

Greetings parents, coaches, volunteers.
All games and photos scheduled for today (9/21) are moved to tomorrow, due to incoming rain and thunderstorms.

Tomorrow's schedule will follow today's cancelled schedule, with a FOUR HOUR shift. For instance, if your game was scheduled for 10:00am today, it is moved to tomorrow at 2:00pm. Picture schedules are also shifted out by FOUR HOURS tomorrow.

The single exception to this is U13 Wilson vs. Pruitt: For tomorrow, your photos are moved to 3:30pm, and game time to 4:30pm.

Thanks for your understanding in this change. We do not cancel games for rain, but the forecast calls for an inch of rain PLUS thunderstorms. We are required to clear the fields for 30 minutes when thunder occurs.


  1. Are Classic games delayed until Sunday and will they also be delayed 4 hours?

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