Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring time anyone?

This kind of weather is really hardest on the parents. Players stay warm by running around the field, but parents huddle on the sidelines, shivering and wet. I hope you all get in a couple of decent practices before the start of the season - and that you didn't rely on Punxsutawney Phil for planning your other spring time outings.

As a general rule, we will play scheduled games in "fun" weather, as long as there is no lightning, and as long as roads are clear. Your coach can decide to cancel a practice, but a light drizzle or a few snowflakes shouldn't scare anybody away. If there is a weather cancellation on game day, we will send emails and text messages a couple of hours before games begin.

In the meantime, check your weather forecast, and dress yourselves in warm clothes - hats, gloves, thermals. The wind on the field makes it colder than the official temperature given by the weather forecast.

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